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"Some come for 90, and some come here for 99. Some come for 90, and some come here for 99.

We appreciate your support and want to share some of our events with you through our photo gallery. So please check this page often to see exciting photos of us at various festivals, concerts and workshops.

We hope to see you soon. Thank you for your support!

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Fulton Allen & Rev. Gary Davis Memorial
Phil and John visit two memorials in Durham, NC honoring Fulton Allen (a.k.a. Blind Boy Fuller) and Rev. Gary Davis.

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Hackettstown Workshops & Concert
John and Phil hold informal workshops in Hackettstown before giving an exciting concert.

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John's Jam
John gathers with students for good music and a good time.

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Blue Skies and Red Earth: Celebrating North Carolina's Musical Heritage
John and Phil help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the North Carolina Symphony.

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Jazz Alley
John and Phil made their annual appearance at Jazz Alley in Seattle and treated the west coast audience to their east coast style of blues.

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Centrum Country Blues Workshop
Contemporary blues artists gathered together for a week of teaching and jamming in scenic Port Townsend. Throughout the week, many performed in festival venues and local clubs.

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CD Release Celebration
After many recording sessions, our newest CD is finally finished, and we're celebrating!

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Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase
The Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program is dedicated to ensuring that particular art forms are passed on in ways that are conscious of history and faithful to tradition. John introduces his apprentice, Marc Pessar, at the Fourth Annual Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase.

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Euro Blues Association Workshop
The blues is alive and well at University College Northampton, UK! Staff and student concerts, workshops, and informal jams made this a special week for all who attended. John and Phil share some special photos.

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International Guitar Seminars
The campus of Columbia University in NYC was this year's venue for International Guitar Seminars (IGS). In addition to concerts and regular classes, students had a solid week of jamming and special workshops.

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Workshop At "Cephas House"
Enthusiastic students were delighted when they were invited for a special day at John's ranch. In addition to learning tunes like Black Rat Swing, Catfish Blues and Bowling Green Strut, his lucky guests enjoyed delicious snacks and plenty of good rum!